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Homes and commercial buildings look better when complemented with beautiful, well-maintained trees. Left to their own devices, however, trees can overgrow or even create a serious problem for existing buildings. That’s why it’s important to call our Kenosha tree trimming service to properly care for and maintain your trees. At CLJ Enterprises, we are your local Kenosha and Racine, WI tree service experts for top-quality tree trimming, thinning, and maintenance. We can make sure the trees near your residential or commercial buildings look clean and uncluttered while optimizing the safety of your property. We are able to work on the large variety of tree species found in Kenosha and Racine, WI and can tackle a wide range of tree sizes. Our professional tree care and maintenance service offers competitive pricing for a job done right and completed quickly.

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Kenosha Tree Services

Trees are large organisms that add vibrance and beauty to any property, but they are still wild living things. This means that they need trimming and pruning in order not encroach into walkways, block windows, or cause structural damage. Caring and maintaining your trees will be the difference between your property looking overgrown and having trees that dramatically enhance the appearance of their surroundings. You could have trees that look great on your property already and you might be thinking, “do I really need to find a tree service near me?” Yes. Having a good-looking space is a highly valuable aspect of any home or commercial building, but it isn’t the only benefit of getting tree care and maintenance. Trees that go without any trimming or pruning can become a hazard pretty quickly.

Tree branches can become diseased and begin to infect the rest of the tree, weakening its structural integrity. When it gets infected, it can turn into a tree that could fall at any time from a sudden gust, rather than a tree that would normally stay standing in the face of strong winds. Overgrowth of the crown can also make a tree excessively top-heavy while creating less space for wind to blow around, making it more susceptible to falling during a storm. By calling our tree thinning specialists, you can ensure that your trees are free of diseased branches and you can be confident that your trees will keep standing strong for years.


At CLJ Enterprises, our tree trimming specialists know how to take care of both deciduous and evergreen trees for your residential or commercial property. We recommend getting tree service for deciduous trees every three to five years and getting service for evergreen trees every five to seven years to avoid overgrowth and the spread of disease among the branches.

Our tree service experts are experienced with maintaining and caring for a vast range of tree species and our bucket crane trucks allow us to reach up to towering heights. So no matter what types of trees you need to have trimmed, thinned, or pruned, our team is up to the challenge. We can also bring a wood chipper along if you want to use the wood chips for your flower beds, empty spaces, or lawn care.

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